A lifetime’s passion for a more nurturing and conscious life has led us to create Hermes & Hestia. A specialist destination for hand made artisan products, and special places within The British Isles. 

We care about the environment and try to chose artisans and businesses that do also. Whether you're at home or away, we hope we can help you live a more sustainable and intentional life, where you're in tune with both nature and yourself. 


Our personal spaces deserve items that fill your heart and soul with a story and a purpose. At Hermes & Hestia we share what matters the most - who made it, how it was crafted and what materials were used - so you can find the right items for you, direct from the artisans themselves. 



We all seek places to relax, unwind and restore - a place to rediscover ourselves. We have carefully selected special places in breathtaking locations each offering something unique - helping you to live your life well.


Step away from ‘busy’ and cocoon yourself in nature.

The British Isles has so much to offer, from sandy coves to mountain treks, open moorland, historic forests and picturesque dales, there is truly something for everyone. Amazingly there are still many lesser known hidden gems to discover that we seek out and quietly share with you …

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Discover our special places and where our artisans are located on our map.

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