You’ll often hear Northumberland described in tourist brochures as ‘The Secret Kingdom’ which isn’t exactly true these days but when you visit this wonderfully picturesque yet under-visited region in the north-east of the British Isles you’ll fully understand why.

Steeped in history, numerous romantic and imposing castles sit along the windswept sandy shoreline. Famed for bloody battles long since fought the region's castles stand testament to millennia of wars with the Scots. One of the most recent and famous castles being Lindisfarne, set splendidly on Holy Island – romantic and beguiling, it surprises inside with its relatively modern Edwardian interior designed by Edward Lutyens. Now run by the National Trust it’s a special day out.


Long pristine sandy beaches, often deserted are alluring and beautiful, you can walk miles and only encounter a few like-minded souls. If it’s a well trodden path you seek, then part of Britain’s most famous roman road, Hadrian’s Wall, is one of the many Roman historical features to be found in Northumberland dating back over 2000 years. Northumberland offers so much to see and do.